Mutual Assured Destruction: Guns


Another day, another mass shooting, it’s becoming a way of life in the continental United States. (i) For years I struggled within myself what needed to happen to bring about gun laws that are equal to other safer industrialized nations.

For a time I honestly thought that if enough white females were killed things would change but, that didn’t happen. (ii) Then I thought threshold must be if enough white children were killed, but again I was wrong. (iii) Or if a lot of white middle-class people were killed, but that only lead to the President to say “I think that we can have those policy conversations, but today is not that day” which was over a month ago and a couple more shootings later. (iv) But after hearing New York Governor Cuomo commenting New Yorkers that they need to return to their normal lives after the latest terrorist attack the answer finally came to me. (v)

There was a statistic that came out after the 1973 gasoline crisis. In response to the fuel crisis, the federal government reduced the interstate freeway speed to 55 mph to reduce fuel consumption. An unexpected byproduct occurred, the reduction of traffic fatalities by 7% in the nation. (vi)

When the crisis was over, there was the need to have interstate commerce to resume to its normal level and the speed limit was returned to 60 mph. And guess what happened? Traffic death returned to its previous level.

For the sake of the economy, the government is willing to accept a level of collateral damage for the sake of Second Amendment supporters and lobbyists; you Americans (in the continental states) are willing to accept mass shooting as normal way of life, as long as it does not affect capitalism. That’s why the NY Governor told residents to get back to “normal”. It seems that not only mass shootings are becoming typical, but terrorist acts are becoming as well.

Sure you can grieve about that last shooting, pray, hold a vigil with a candle, drop off flowers, and select a particular color of ribbon for the tragedy and follow by the usual rhetoric of something needs to be done or not done. But as long tears don’t run dry and NRA owns politicians, you will need to accept it!

Years ago there was a very dark comedy movie called “Killing Them Softly,” In the last scene Brad Pitt lectures fellow gangster what is America; it’s business. The movie uses the example that President Jefferson enslaved his own mulatto children in order to run his plantation. (vii) As once said in 1992 presidential race, “It’s the economy, stupid”. (viii) These mass shooting would have to affect the economy; i.e. citizens too frightened to leave their homes to spend money. To motivate government to change gun laws.

But for change to occur, there is another problem that must be overcome. American believe that “It will never happen here” or “There is nobody like that in my neighborhood” (or church, movie theatre, restaurant, nightclub, workplace, festival, college campus, elementary school or at your home). That why people believe if they work really hard to afford to live in safer neighborhoods and make enough money to shop at these (safer) stores they will be safe. And if that isn’t enough of a barrier, there those who believe these mass shootings are staged as attempt to illicit gun control. So far it hasn’t been working. (ix)

So, give into the race of “Mutual Assured Destruction” dogma and buy yourself a gun. Carry it with you and live with the premise that “you rather be judged by a jury of twelve than be carried by six (pallbearers)”. Just be sure to include that purchase a Level 3A body armor, so you can survive the first shots. (x) What is the point of carrying a gun if you can’t return fire?

Plus, don’t forget a trauma plate for the front and back, because bullets hurt like a motherfucker when the body armor stops them. (xi) My colleagues at the Sheriff Academy told me it’s like being hit with the weight of a sledgehammer, while the impact point is equal to the size of a nickel.

The peaceful alternative is to get to know your neighbor and help a stranger in need, because that one life maybe changes other lives that might intercede those who are thinking of killing. I know it is a stretch of logic.

Or find peace in yourself and accept a level of danger in the continental America (why I said “continental America” because the last mass shooting in states outside continental was in 1999 in Hawaii and in 1984 in Alaska. (xii)

Really, what else can you do? Indulge yourself in consumerism to alleviate your fears? Now, that a elite capitalist conspiracy to consider! (xiii & ix)

(i)  “Four or more people were killed by a lone shooter (or two shooters in three cases). An average of eight people died during past (132) events…”


2 thoughts on “Mutual Assured Destruction: Guns

  1. So, what’s your point? I’m guessing you’re just another would-be gun-grabber, i.e., valid target, but that’s only implied in this post…as is just about everything except your obvious angst.


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